Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa Recipes

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Weight loss quinoa recipes

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Weight loss quinoa recipes
Losing weight or losing fat is starting to become one of the main goals now that summer is coming. As always, it is important to keep in mind that it is necessary to have a good diet and exercise so that the entire weight loss process is done effectively and healthy. With the amount of information available to anyone, there are still many people who still think that in order to lose weight and stay fit, all you have to do is stop eating or make boring and tasteless recipes.
Food is one of the most important pillars that exist within a healthy lifestyle. Adopt some habits regarding food so that, day by day, the diet and the recipes that are made are healthy and balanced, will guarantee that the weight loss and the process of losing weight are maintained over time and are not just something specific that one only wants for the summer and the beach.
To carry a correct diet, it is necessary to choose natural foods and ingredients that, in addition to providing energy, also provide quality nutrients for the body. The so-called superfoods are those that have a large number of nutrients without the need for added or processed and that also provide a great benefit to the health of those who consume them. Quinoa is one of them, and it is a natural ingredient that you can, and should, incorporate into your diet if what you are interested in is having a suitable weight and staying on it. We propose three different recipes for you to include in a balanced diet to lose weight.

Quinoa salad with salmon

This is an ideal dish and also one of the easiest recipes to prepare during the summer or on a hot day as it is a fresh recipe and, above all, very nutritious. Quinoa provides all the benefits of carbohydrates, while salmon provides good fats and a large amount of Omega 3.


  •     60 gr of quinoa
  •     Arugula (the quantity will be to taste)
  •     A handful of raspberries or strawberries
  •     1 onion (can be of any kind)
  •     2 slices of smoked salmon
  •     A splash of olive oil
  •     1 clove garlic
  •     1 lemon or lemon juice
  •     A little squirt of modena vinegar
  •     Water, salt and pepper

how to make Quinoa salad with salmon

  1. The procedure is very simple. First, the quinoa is cooked in a pot full of water and for this, you have to measure three glasses of water for each one of quinoa. Once the water boils, add the quinoa, wait 10 minutes, remove the saucepan from the heat and let it rest submerged in the water and with the pot covered for another 10 minutes. While the quinoa is resting, cut the onion, salmon, and raspberries or strawberries.
  2. To season the salad, we will squeeze a whole lemon or we will use lemon juice already squeezed and we will mix it with the previously crushed garlic clove, the salt, the pepper, the drizzle of olive oil and the vinegar of model. Merge everything well until it is integrated and reserve. Finally, and when the quinoa has absorbed all the water, serve it on a plate as a base, add the salmon, the strawberries and the cut onion, and finally water the entire plate with the sauce. Take advantage and enjoy this delicious dish in your diet!

Eggplant stuffed with quinoa and prawns

A delicious dish that will provide you with the nutrients of a vegetable as complete as eggplant, the amino acids of quinoa, and the proteins of shrimp. This recipe is ideal for a weight loss diet and even for a non-maintenance diet.

  •     2 aubergines
  •     50 gr of quinoa
  •     200 gr of prawns
  •     Half red pepper
  •     Half an onion
  •     1 clove garlic
  •     A splash of oil
  •     Salt, pepper, and spices to taste

How to cook Eggplant stuffed with quinoa and prawns

  1.     Cut the eggplants in half and empty them of their pulp.
  2.     Put the quinoa to cook. Remember that for each measure of quinoa, you have to add triple water. Once cooked, let it rest for 10 minutes.
  3.     Once this is done and having reserved the "shell" of the eggplant and let the quinoa rest, we cut the pulp of the vegetable, the pepper, the onion, and the garlic clove into squares.
  4.     Once we have everything cut, mix it, add the peeled shrimp and the quinoa.
  5.     Dress us with a small jet of oil, salt, pepper, and the spices you want to taste.
  6.     When all the elements are well integrated, we introduce the mixture inside the eggplant shells and we put them in the oven for 20 minutes at 180º. Once the eggplant skin is soft, you can eat.

Quinoa burger


  •     300 gr of quinoa
  •     2 or 3 tablespoons of whole wheat flour
  •     ¾ onion
  •     2 cloves of garlic
  •     1 teaspoon of nutmeg
  •     2 eggs
  •     Salt and spices to taste
  •     A splash of olive oil
  •     Water

How to make Quinoa Burger:

  1.     The first of all will be to cook the amount of water in triple the amount of water in a pot with the latter boiling.
  2.     Once cooked, it is left to rest a total of between 10 and 20 minutes so that it absorbs the water and is ready.
  3.     Once this is done, chop the onion and garlic into very small pieces.
  4.     When we have the quinoa ready and all chopped, mix in a bowl and then add the two eggs, a splash of olive oil, the nutmeg, the salt, and the spices that you want.
  5.     The flour can be optional, but its use should be mandatory if we notice that the mixture of all the ingredients has been very liquid. If we do not want to use whole wheat flour, we can also opt for ground oats or oatmeal.
  6.     The last thing we will need is to fry or bake the burgers. If we choose the oven option, we must place each hamburger on baking paper and introduce it at a temperature of 200º for approximately 20 minutes.
  7.     Finally, we only need to accompany them with some vegetables or with the classic burger mount.

Quinoa salad with beef and avocado: super nutritious healthy recipe

In my house, there is no shortage of salads throughout the year, but when warmer days arrive they take on much more prominence. This quinoa salad with spicy beef and avocado is proof that you can enjoy delicious, colorful, and very nutritious salads without making life very difficult for us.
And it's also a reminder that neither salads have to be vegetarian, nor quinoa or avocado are exclusive to vegan dishes. They can also be combined with animal ingredients without problems; my boyfriend loves meat and from time to time I enrich his salads with chicken, turkey, or beef, as in this case. Spicy is optional but highly recommended.
avacado quinoa recipe
For 1 people

  •     Beef steaks 1
  •     Spices to taste (sweet and spicy paprika, cumin, garlic powder, peppers ...)
  •     Cooked quinoa (approximately) 50 g
  •     Avocado (medium) 1
  •     Lettuce head 1
  •     Tomato 1
  •     Hot or sweet green pepper 1
  •     1 medium red onion
  •     Lemon or lime 1
  •     Chipotle marinade (optional) 5 ml
  •     Ground black pepper
  •     Salt
  •     Fresh parsley or coriander
  •     Extra virgin olive oil

How to make a quinoa salad with spicy beef and avocado

Difficulty: easy
    Total time 30 m
    Preparation 20 m
    Cooking 10 m

  1. This recipe is ideal to take advantage of quinoa remains, but we can always cook a good amount to prepare the salad and have leftovers for other dishes. In any case, cook according to the package instructions and separate about 50 g (or to taste), allowing them to cool.
  2. Dry well with the kitchen paper to cook the meat, season, and season with the spice mixture to taste, massaging the fillet well. Cook on the grill or on the grill marking it on both sides, taking care not to make it too much. The point of the type of cut and the thickness will depend. Let cool 2 minutes and cut into strips.
  3. Wash the pepper, the bud, and the tomato well, dry and chop. Peel the onion and cut into thin julienne strips or cubes. Also, cut the avocado half into pieces.
  4. Arrange the quinoa in the bottom of a plate or bowl, seasoning and seasoning with spices to taste and a drizzle of olive oil. Distribute all the ingredients on top, crowning with the beef. Add the chipotle sauce lowered with a little water, or use another hot sauce to taste.
  5. Finish by seasoning the salad and seasoning with olive oil to taste, lemon or lime juice, and chopped fresh parsley or cilantro.
  6. What to accompany the quinoa salad with beef and avocado
  7. This plate of quinoa salad with beef and avocado is very complete and nutritious, lightly digested but satiating, so you won't need to add much more. Natural yogurt or fresh cheese with seasonal fruit for dessert, and we will be more than satisfied. We can adapt the size of the ration to our specific needs or convert it into two smaller dishes to share at dinner with some more snacks.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

How to Cook Quinoa

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How to Cook Quinoa

Quinoa or quinoa is a very nutritious and rich pseudocereal, but until recently it was little known outside of America. It is very easy to prepare and in this post, I want to show you how to do it.

If it were me I would eat it often, but unfortunately, it is a very expensive product (if someone knows where I can get it at a good price please leave a comment!), So I usually reserve it to make recipes on the blog or for occasions specials.
There are several types of quinoa, but the white one is the only one I've tried. In the photo above you can see how it is when it is raw.
Quinoa contains saponins (bitter-tasting toxins that are used to make soap), so it is important to wash it well until the water is clear. Some quinoas already come pre-washed and this step is not necessary.


    To give it more flavor, you can add some ingredients to the cooking water such as sea salt, soy or tamari sauce, lemon juice, vinegar, spices, herbs, etc.
    I usually use twice as much water as quinoa, but this amount can vary depending on the quinoa you use.
how to cook quinoa

How to Cook Quinoa

How to cook quinoa. Quinoa or quinoa is a very nutritious and rich pseudocereal. It is very easy to prepare and in this post, I want to show you how to do it.
Preparation: 5 mins
Cooking: 20 mins
Total: 25 minutes
Servings: 1-2 1x
Category: Cooking
Tutorial: Vegan, Gluten-Free


  •     1 cup of water (250 ml)
  •     1 tablespoon of soy sauce or tamari
  •     1/2 cup of quinoa (85 g)


  1.     Wash the quinoa well until the water runs clear. Some quinoas already come pre-washed, so this step is not necessary.
  2.     In a saucepan, pour the water and when it starts to boil, add the soy sauce or tamari, stir and add the quinoa.
  3.     Let it boil for about 2 minutes, lower over medium heat, cover, and cook for about 10 or 15 minutes (it usually takes me about 15 minutes) or until all the water has been absorbed. If the water runs out and is still hard, add a little more.
  4.     Quinoa is cooked when al dente (like pasta) and the grain becomes transparent except for the edges.
  5.     If you are going to make large quantities, let it cool down before putting it in a container and keep it in the fridge.

Prepare Delicious Quinoa

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Prepare Delicious Quinoa

Does quinoa seem bland and doughy to you? You are not cooking it well: this is how you prepare a delicious quinoa

The recent fad of "superfoods" somehow started with quinoa or quinoa, that pseudo-cereal of Andean origin that suddenly seemed like the essential food that had to be tried yes or yes. There are no magic powers to be attributed to it, but quinoa is a very healthy product that can also be delicious. The problem is that we don't always cook it well.
As with tofu, many people reject quinoa out of sheer ignorance, because they hate fashion - I don't blame them - or because their attempts at it in the kitchen have been unsuccessful. If you have a pack of quinoa languishing in the pantry I encourage you to give it another try; These are the tricks to always cook perfect and very tasty quinoa.

Neither bland nor watered down: the best quinoa is fluffy and slightly crisp

Although compared to rice, bulgur, or couscous, quinoa is not a cereal as such. It is considered a pseudocereal because it really is a seed, and that sets it apart with unique nutritional characteristics. It stands out for its content in high-quality vegetable proteins and essential amino acids; It is also satiating, rich in beans, minerals, and vitamins, and has a low glycemic index.
But this time we want to focus on its gastronomic qualities to cook quinoa that you want to eat. Cooking is not difficult: just cook it in plenty of liquid until it is cooked, such as rice or pasta. However, in the details of that cooking, there will be the difference between a watered-down and bandurria or an enjoyable bite.
Really tasty quinoa has to have a slightly loose, fluffy grain and a soft resistance to bite. We do not want a porridge with a rubbery or soft texture, bland and sad; Only in a few exceptions will we be interested in obtaining a creamier finish.
Consider rice or pasta itself, is there not a chasm of flavor between well-cooked rice, with the grain loses, and pasta al dente? Quinoa is the same. And it may be somewhat tasteless on its own, but exactly the same goes for other cereals or any cooked pasta.
quinoa recipes

It is not always necessary to wash it previously

When we started cooking with quinoa we learned that it was essential to wash it very well before using it. The beans are covered in saponin, a natural substance that ingested in large quantities could be toxic, although its beneficial properties and applications are also being studied.
It would be very difficult to be intoxicated by ingesting an excess of saponin through food; however, it has a very bitter taste. When quinoa began to be marketed directly from Andean plantations, it certainly did arrive untreated, but today almost all brands have previously washed the grains to eliminate that bitterness for the consumer.
Today almost all quinoa is marketed already washed
In any case, it is best to read the manufacturer's instructions and taste the quinoa before and after cooking. If it still contains high amounts of saponin, it will be noticeable when sucking a raw grain. Otherwise, it is best to save this step, not only because of the loss of time and water but also because it will make cooking a bit more difficult.
Toast raw quinoa before cooking. This trick I like to do also, according to the recipe, with other cereals, raw or cooked legumes, or even with seeds. If we have pre-washed the quinoa it is also an almost essential step to completely eliminate that first moisture, and we will also achieve a better flavor, with tones of walnut or dried fruit.
Ideally, use a thick-bottomed pan or pan that transmits heat well over high heat. We can use a little oil to prevent it from sticking and to enrich it even more, but it looks great roasting on its own. Depending on the dish, it may also be advisable to brown it together with spices, ground or whole, such as caraway, cumin, or turmeric.

Pre-roasting the quinoa raw will obtain a better flavor and texture

If we cook it long enough at a very high temperature we can even "inflate" it a little, as if they were tiny popcorn. You just have to be very careful not to jump and not burn it.
Another good option is to fry it with other ingredients, just as we would do when preparing, for example, rice. It is as simple as poaching some onion, garlic, and tomato, incorporating the raw quinoa with some spices and frying the whole two or three minutes before adding the water.

Reduces liquid volume

Theoretically, it is necessary to follow the instructions of each manufacturer to know the exact proportion of dry quinoa and water or broth. However, most brands ask for double - or triple! - of liquid, almost always causing the quinoa to be watery or overcooked.
To avoid this, try cooking it with a ratio of 1: 1 and 1/2; for example, a glass of quinoa with 1 glass and 1/2 of water. You can always add a little more liquid towards the end if you fall short. And that rarely happens.

Cooker with the lid on low heat

Once everything has come to a boil it is recommended to bring the power of the fire to almost the minimum, cover the pot or casserole, and leave to cook unopened for about 15-20 minutes. We do not want the hot steam to be lost, so we must avoid the temptation to browse the interior until at least 10 minutes have passed.
The exact time will vary depending on the brand, type of fire, or a variety of quinoa. We will use the directions on the package as guidance, but in the end, you have to be guided by the experience. Well-cooked quinoa will begin to be transparent, with that characteristic more pronounced outer ring, but we do not want it to separate.

Let stand

It is always preferable to reduce the volume of liquid and adjust the cooking time so that the grain can be left to rest once cooked. Check that all the water has been absorbed when the quinoa is already al dente, or if it is missing very little, and cover again quickly. Let stand 5 minutes away from the fire and then air with a fork, gently.
It is the idea that is applied to the preparation of the precooked couscous, helping the grain to separate with the fork still hot, to achieve that spongy texture. For an extra point of flavor, add a splash of extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, or some spice before resting.

Even easier: cook quinoa like pasta

One day when I was in a lot of trouble in the kitchen I thought about not complicating myself and prepared the quinoa as if I were cooking pasta. It's a ridiculously simple method that works wonders:

  •     Put a pot or saucepan with plenty of salty water to heat.
  •     When it is boiling with joy, add the quinoa, and reduce the heat a little.
  •     Cook for about 15 minutes, until al dente, slightly firm.
  •     Drain quickly with the help of a strainer, without rinsing it.
  •     Let cool in another container or on a tray, extending it so that it loses heat.

Toast it again once it's cooked

This step is optional but highly recommended if we want firmer and looser quinoa. Once cooked, try sautéing it in a pan with some oil, adding if you want some spices. Keep the fire soft so as not to burn it, we want the moisture to evaporate completely and mark the grain so that it is toasted a little.

Do you cook or enrich?

Quinoa can be a great garnish to accompany casseroles, dishes with sauces or dressings, and vinaigrettes in a salad, but cooked by itself can be bland. If you've applied the above tricks and still find it tasteless, try cooking it in more than just water.
In addition to adding spices to the roasting phase, you can put in the water some bay leaves, cloves, curry leaves, a bouquet garni, garlic cloves ... or also a dash of soy sauce, tamari, Worcestershire, tabasco, miso or vinegar. It will also gain a lot if we change the water totally or partially by broth.
There is another technique I learned cooking white rice just as valid for quinoa: brown a couple of garlic cloves filleted with good extra virgin olive oil and sauté the freshly cooked quinoa. If we are making a more exotic dish, adding a cinnamon stick and some cloves will work wonders.

Alternative ways to cook and serve quinoa

  1. We said at the beginning that quinoa is very versatile, and that also applies to cook techniques. Preparing it as we have seen so far we can use it in recipes of all kinds: stir-fries, pilaf, salads, side dishes, a poké bowl, veggie burgers, wraps ... But there are alternative ways to cook it.
  2.     Adding some handfuls directly raw to soups, stews, stews, and stews, for example,0. to enrich a casserole of lentils or chickpeas.
  3.     Leaving it semi-cooked to finish its cooking in the oven, filling peppers or other vegetables.
  4.     Crushing the raw grain to obtain a flour that we can use to thicken or make a vegan, gluten-free bechamel sauce.
  5.     Cooking it like rice in a paella pan, or applying the same idea to baked rice.
  6. Adding quinoa to sweet doughs, biscuits, and biscuits, or bread doughs.
  7. Using it to enrich the filling of croquettes, meatballs, dumplings ...
  8. Cooking the quinoa in milk or vegetable drink to make a creamy dessert, rice pudding style, pudding, or fruit porridge. If you prefer a more “mordant” texture, mix the cooked grain with the milk in cold, or heat it very slightly.
  9. Cooked quinoa can be kept for 3-4 days in perfect condition in the fridge, provided it has cooled completely and we use a good clean container with an airtight seal. It also freezes without problems, so it is a good idea to prepare large quantities at once and separate portions according to our needs.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Quinoa Soup Recipes

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Quinoa Soup Recipes

Quinoa soup with meat

This delicious quinoa meat soup is made with potatoes, onions, garlic, cumin, annatto, peas (peas/peas), parsley, and coriander. My mom used to put quinoa in a variety of soups.
Quinoa helps thicken the soup, and I don't know why, but I loved the way quinoa almost bursts into my mouth, turning boring soup (from a little girl's point of view) into something fun, almost like a feeling of bursting those little bulbs on the packaging paper, but in the mouth. And of course now as an "adult" person I also like it because quinoa has a very good nutritional value.
There are different ways to prepare quinoa soup, one of the most traditional or known ways in Ecuador is to prepare the soup with milk and cheese, and it has a very creamy consistency. This version is a little less known, it is prepared with beef, potatoes, and peas, also in this soup quinoa is cooked separately and added at the end.

Quinoa soup with meat:

Quinoa soup with meat, prepared with potatoes, onions, garlic, cumin, annatto, peas (peas/peas), parsley, and coriander.
  •     2 tablespoons butter or oil
  •     1 cup white pearl onion, diced
  •     4 garlic cloves, crushed
  •     2 tomatoes, peeled and diced
  •     1 teaspoon ground achiote
  •     ½ teaspoon ground white pepper
  •     1-2 teaspoons of ground cumin adjust to your liking
  •     1 lb beef cut into medium cubes
  •     1 lb beef bones - optional and to add flavor to the soup
  •     10 cups of water
  •     2 cups peas/peas, fresh or frozen
  •     2 cups cooked quinoa
  •     4 medium potatoes, peeled and diced
  •     4 tablespoons of chopped parsley
  •     2 tablespoons coriander, chopped
  •     2-3 chopped green onions - optional
  •     Salt to taste

Preparation to make Quinoa soup with meat:

  1.     Heat and melt butter or oil in a saucepan over medium heat
  2.     Prepare a refried or sofrito with onion, garlic, tomato, annatto, cumin, and white pepper.
  3.     Cook for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4.     Add the beef and mix well with the refried, cook everything together for about 5 more minutes.
  5.     Add the water and bones, bring to a boil, reduce the temperature, and simmer for 45 to 60 minutes or until the meat begins to soften.
  6.     Add the potatoes, peas, and cooked quinoa, increase the temperature, and bring to a boil again.
  7.     Reduce the temperature and simmer for 25 minutes or until the potatoes are tender.
  8.     Take out the beef bones.
  9.     Add parsley, coriander, green onions, and salt to taste.
  10.     Serve the soup with avocado, pickled onions, and chili.

Quinoa soup with cheese:

This delicious and comforting quinoa and cheese soup is a variation of the potato I grew up eating in Ecuador. This soup is made with quinoa or quinoa, potatoes, cheese, milk, onion, garlic, tomato, cumin, oregano, and achiote - and is served with chopped coriander and avocado.
A good soup is a solution to all problems, at least that was my impression when I was a child. You do not feel good? Eat your soup. Do you want to be bigger, taller, skinnier, smarter, etc? Eat your soup. Do you want dessert? Eat your soup. Do you want to go out and play with your friends? Eat your soup. In hindsight maybe I should hate soups, but I really love them.
The first step in preparing a good soup is refried, or sofrito as it is also known in other countries. The refried is the base of the soup and consists of frying, either using oil, butter, or butter, chopped onion, garlic, tomatoes. You can also add bell peppers, celery, and fresh herbs like coriander or parsley. Then add the spices, seasonings, and dried herbs like annatto, cumin, oregano, salt, and pepper.
This cheese has quinoa, which apart from being very nutritious, has a texture that I love for soups. The combination of quinoa with potatoes, cheese, and coriander give it that delicious flavor that reminds me of the potato
Use fresh cheese for this quinoa soup, but you can also use the cheese of your choice, either mozzarella if you prefer it more subtly, Oaxaca cheese if you like it to melt well, and/or feta cheese if you like it. the contrast of the salty flavor. Like many other Ecuadorian soups, I served it with avocado and hot chili sauce to taste.

Quinoa Soup with Cheese:

Quinoa soup with cheese, prepared with quinoa or quinoa, potatoes, cheese, milk, onion, garlic, tomato, cumin, oregano, and annatto. It is served with coriander and avocado.
Dish: Main Dish, Soup
Cuisine: Ecuadorian, Latin
Quinoa Soup
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 40 minutes
Makes: 8 servings

  •     2 tablespoons of oil
  •     1 large pearl white onion, minced
  •     4 garlic cloves, crushed
  •     1 tomato, peeled, seeded and finely chopped
  •     1 teaspoonful of cumin powder
  •     1 teaspoon ground achiote
  •     1 teaspoon dried oregano
  •     5 to 6 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into pieces
  •     1 cup raw pre-washed quinoa
  •     8 cups of water or vegetable broth or to your liking
  •     1 cup milk
  •     2 cups of crumbled fresh cheese  you can use feta cheese or mozzarella according to your taste
  •     4 tablespoons coriander or parsley, finely chopped
  •     Salt and pepper to taste

At your service:

  •     Avocado
  •     Chili pepper sauce


  1.     Heat the oil over medium heat in a large saucepan.
  2.     Add the minced onion, minced garlic, minced tomato, ground cumin, annatto powder, dried oregano, salt, and pepper. Mix well and cook until the onions become soft and tender about 5-8 minutes.
  3.     Add the potato pieces; mix with the refried until they are covered with the onion and spices. Continue cooking for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4.     Add the water or broth and bring to a boil.
  5.     Add the quinoa, reduce the temperature, and simmer until the quinoa and potatoes are soft, about 25 to 30 minutes. Stir occasionally. For a creamier consistency, you can squash the potatoes a bit with a masher or a wooden spoon.
  6.     Add milk and cheese, stir and simmer for another 5 minutes.
  7.     Remove the quinoa and cheese soup from the heat. Taste and adjust the salt/pepper to taste. Add the chopped cilantro or parsley.
  8.     Serve quinoa and cheese soup with avocado and hot sauce to taste

Quinoa and vegetable soup:

The vegetable soup is really good with a rich and nutritious selection of vegetables and quinoa, which you can prepare in a few minutes.
Dish: First
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Servings: 4 servings

  •      A carrot
  •      A leek or chive
  •      Two stalks of celery
  •      Cabbage
  •      A liter of water
  •      100 grams of quinoa
  •      Salt
  •      Pepper
  •      Cumin
    vegetable soup


  1.      Bring the liter of water to a boil, where you will put all the clean vegetables cut into rather small pieces.
  2.      Let it boil for about 10 minutes.
  3.      Have the quinoa ready on the tap.
  4.      Lightly toast it in a pan to make it taste better and place it in the soup to cook.
  5.      When it's done, just turn off the heat, season with salt, pepper, and cumin, and serve.

Tips and Tricks:
Quinoa is washed to remove saponin.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Quinoa Salad

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Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad:

In my house, they have always eaten quite simple and traditional salads, but since I started cooking I have liked to experiment and try new recipes. I had the quinoa salad pending because I had never prepared it nor had I tried it and I'm sure there will be a second time because it is delicious.
Quinoa is very easy to prepare, in fact, it looks like rice. Once it is cold (you can let it cool to room temperature or if you are in a hurry or you are as impatient as me, pour cold water on it) you can use your favorite ingredients and the dressing that you like the most. I have added: corn, carrots, cherry tomatoes, black olives, and avocado.
I have seasoned it with extra virgin olive oil, although it must also be very rich with lemon juice or balsamic vinegar.
If you don't like quinoa or you think it's very expensive, you can use rice. The ideal is to eat brown rice because it is healthier and more nutritious, although I also usually eat Basmati rice in my day today.
It is important to eat salads throughout the year and when it is cold there are people who find it difficult to do so, therefore, salads of legumes, rice or quinoa are a great alternative, although it is important to consume enough raw green leaves, they are full of nutrients, minerals, and fiber.

Quinoa salad

The salad is also delicious without any dressing and I have to try it with soy sauce because the truth is that I try to avoid the oil as much as possible. I have discovered that there are many very rich, light, and healthy dressings that we can use instead of the typical vinaigrette that almost everyone uses.

Quinoa salad

I find it more comfortable to use frozen corn because I have it in the freezer and cook it in boiling water at a time when I need it, in addition, canned corn usually has additives and is more processed.
To make the salad lighter, you can replace the olives with capers. Do not be afraid of the fat of the avocado, it is one of the healthiest you can consume and it is also delicious, although it should be taken in moderation.
Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad

Years ago, when I was not yet vegan, I went to eat with a friend at a well-known fast-food restaurant chain. I ordered a salad because it was on a diet and my friend ordered the typical menu with hamburgers and fries. Comparing the nutritional information I was disappointed, there was less than 100 calories difference between my salad and your menu!
Now I realize that it was made with unhealthy ingredients: Iceberg lettuce (it has a very poor nutritional value, the ideal is to consume other types of green leaves), chicken, cheese, croutons, and a hypercaloric sauce. I am telling you this because many people believe that any salad can be healthy or light, but it is not.
Do not add ingredients of animal origin, or highly refined or processed products and try to keep the ingredients fresh, as far as possible. Avoid canned sauces and don't overuse fats, especially unhealthy ones.

Quinoa salad:

Quinoa salad is a very nutritious, healthy, and light dish. It is a very easy and simple recipe. You can add your favorite ingredients.
Preparation: 5 mins
Cook: 15 mins
Total: 20 minutes
Servings: 2 1x Category:
Salad Cuisine: Vegan, Gluten-Free

  •     1/2 cup uncooked quinoa (100 g)
  •     1/4 cup corn (35 g)
  •     1/4 cup of carrot (40 g)
  •     12 cherry tomatoes
  •     12 black olives
  •     1 avocado
  •     Extra virgin olive oil


  1.     Wash quinoa well before cooking to remove saponins (a bitter substance used to make soap).
  2.     Cook the quinoa following the package instructions. Let it cool or pour cold water on it.
  3.     In a bowl, add the quinoa and the rest of the ingredients. Dress with extra virgin olive oil to taste.

Friko chicken and quinoa salad:

Delicious Friko chicken salad with Quinoa to share with the family. What are you waiting to prepare it?
4 portions

  •     1 cup quinoa
  •     2 cups of water
  •     1 teaspoon salt
  •     2 Friko Chicken Breast Fillets
  •     2 garlic cloves, crushed
  •     1/2 teaspoon paprika
  •     1/2 teaspoon salt
  •     1/2 teaspoon pepper
  •     1 tablespoon olive oil
  •     1 purple cabbage in thin julienne strips
  •     1 avocado in large cubes
  •     1 cup sweet orange peels
  •     For the vinaigrette
  •     2 tablespoons chopped coriander
  •     1 red onion, finely chopped
  •     1/4 of Cup of lemon juice
  •     1/2 cup olive oil
  •     1/2 teaspoon salt

Steps to make friko chicken and salad recipe

  1.     We cook the quinoa with the same technique with which we make rice. We boil water 2 times the amount of quinoa that we are going to cook. Add the quinoa and salt, when the water evaporates, cover and lower the heat. We cook for 10 more minutes.
  2. Apart we cut the Friko Chicken Breast Fillets into julienne strips, season with the garlic, salt, pepper, and paprika.
  3. Sauté the chicken julienne strips with a little olive oil.
  4. TIP a quick way to make the vinaigrette is: add all the ingredients inside a jar with a lid, and shake until they are integrated. We reserve.
  5. Now we are ready to assemble the salad. We take the quinoa, the chicken julienne, and mix them together with the avocado, the purple cabbage, and the orange peel. We serve and top with the vinaigrette that we had prepared.

 Quinoa salad and grilled vegetables

This recipe excites me a lot to share it since it is a recipe where the love for the art of cooking, colors, harmony, and flavors is expressed in a single dish ...
4 portions

  •     360 gr mix of organic lettuces
  •     4 und of red tomatoes
  •     200 gr yellow zucchini
  •     200 gr green zucchini
  •     80 gr blueberries
  •     200 gr Quinoa
  •     200 gr supreme orange
  •     200 gr White onion
  •     80 gr wheat flour
  •     100 ml extra virgin olive oil
  •     20 gr sugar
  •     10 gr mix of Italian herbs
  •     to taste Salt and black pepper
  •     4 juicy lemons
  •     100 ml honey
  •     100 ml of rice vinegar
  •     1 und of green apple
  •     100 gr peppermint

Steps to make Quinoa salad and grilled vegetables

  1.     Tomatoes are cut into quarters, the seeds are removed ... then they are placed on a tray, marinated with olive oil, sugar to taste, salt, pepper, and Italian herbs and baked in the oven for 15 minutes until golden without losing its color ...
  2.     Take the Quinoa and cook for 15 minutes, after being soft strain it with a strainer and let it rest.
  3.     The zucchini is cut into wheels and placed in a hot grill pan until they are completely sealed, salt to taste, Italian pepper, and mixture, let stand 5 minutes ...
  4.     The onion is cut into rings, mixed with the flour until completely covered, then fried until golden...

    Finally, the Quinoa is taken, mixed with rice vinegar, honey and green apple in brunoise, the lettuces are marinated with olive oil, salt to taste, lemon juice, and pepper .... in a dish of your preferred place the tomatoes in quarters, the vegetables grilled according to the order of the color that you want to wear in your salad, the mix of lettuces on them, sprinkle with the marinated Quinoa, blueberries, orange supreme and Top with the golden onion ... enjoy your meal!
    The salad can be accompanied with a peppermint vinaigrette, lemon juices, rice vinegar, and honey

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Simple Quinoa Salad Recipes

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Simple Quinoa Salad Recipes

Vegan quinoa salad

This is a recipe that I invented in search of a diet that is healthy and pleasant at the same time. It is a delicious salad that both vegan and non-vegan people can enjoy. Its ingredients are antioxidants and provide many benefits to the immune system, helping to protect our body and fight against a large number of diseases.


  •     7 lettuce leaves
  •     7 spinach leaves
  •     1/2 green paprika
  •     1 tomato
  •     1 cucumber shoulder
  •     20 g quinoa grain

Steps to make a Vegan quinoa salad

  1.     Put the quinoa in a cauldron and add twice as much water to cook it like rice. It is possible to add oil and onion to the pot before cooking the quinoa as well as cooking it without oil and without onion.
  2.     Keep the quinoa over low heat and when you do not see much water, cover it and put it on low until the granites are soft and a little inflated (like rice), at that point turn it off and set it aside for the end.
  3.     Disinfect the spinach and lettuce leaves (I do it by putting them 20 min in vinegar water and then I rinse them) and wash the other vegetables.
  4.     Peel the tomato and cucumber and chop them into not very large pieces.
  5.     Chop the paprika
  6.     Chop the onion into small squares and put it in a cup with the juice of a lemon to crystallize it. Let stand, check when it no longer tastes sour and drains (approx 4 min)
  7.     Wash the spinach and lettuce leaves after disinfecting and chop them into strips.
  8.     Mix all the ingredients or serve them in a bowl organized separately, according to your taste.

Salad with citrus vinaigrette and quinoa


  •     1 cucumber shoulder cucumber
  •     1 Carrot in squares
  •     8 spinach leaves in strips
  •     12 cherry tomatoes
  •     4 tablespoons quinoa flakes
  •     Coriander
  •     Lemon juice
  •     Orange or tangerine juice
  •     Olive oil
  •     1 pinch ginger powder
  •     Salt
    Quinoa Salad Recipes

Steps to make a Salad with citrus vinaigrette and quinoa

  1.     Mix all ingredients.
  2.     Besides, make a vinaigrette with the oil, the lemon juice, the orange juice, and the ginger powder.
  3.     Add the vinaigrette to the salad, salt and mix again, place a little quinoa on top. And ready.

Quinoa and chicken salad

Healthy and light cold food for spring !!
4 servings

  •     100 gr quinoa
  •     2 units tomato for salad
  •     1 unit red onion
  •     1 unit red bell pepper or bell pepper
  •     8 large Batavia lettuce leaves
  •     1 unit green zucchini
  •     1 unit eggplant
  •     100 gr strawberries
  •     1 unit avocado
  •     150 gr Penne Rigatti
  •     1 unit of chicken breast
  •     to taste croutons
  •     2 cloves garlic
  •     5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  •     250 ml canola oil
  •     12 units green olives
  •     2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
  •     1/2 teaspoon oregano
  •     to taste salt and pepper

Steps to make a Quinoa and chicken salad

  1.     Cut the breast into cubes and take it in a pan with a little oil to sauté it.
  2.     Add the cinnamon and oregano and sauté until golden brown and cooked on all sides.
  3.     Pass the quinoa through the tap in a colander for 2 minutes and drain.
  4.     Cook the quinoa in water for 15 minutes.
  5.     Peel the tomatoes and cut them into hulls, remove the twig from the strawberries and cut them lengthwise, cut the avocado in half and cut it into cubes, chop the onion into rings, cut the skin and the eggplant into slices
  6.     Cook al dente the penne rigatti.
  7.     Mix the chicken, quinoa, and penne in a bowl.
  8.     Put the paprika on direct heat, to roast it.
  9.     When it is burned all over, we remove it, then under the cold water tap, we peel it and cut it into julienne strips.
  10.     Roast the eggplant with a little oil until golden.
  11.     In canola oil, fry the onion until golden and crisp, but take care that it does not burn.
  12.     Add all the ingredients in the bowl, mix them well, add the oregano, salt, and pepper.
  13.     Assemble the salad on the lettuce leaves and add the croutons.
  14.     Put the olives on top as decoration and enjoy.
  15.     If you want, add a small stream of balsamic vinegar.

Greek salad with red quinoa


  •      1 medium red onion
  •      1 yellow or green bell pepper, diced
  •      1 medium cucumber, peeled, diced, seeded
  •      1 cup cooked red or black quinoa
  •      1 cup cherry tomatoes cut in half
  •      1 cup black olives cut in half
  •      1/2 cup diced feta cheese
  •      1 cup buds or lettuce cut into pieces
  •      1/2 cup olive oil
  •      4 tablespoons lemon juice
  •      1 teaspoon honey
  •      1 teaspoon dried oregano
  •      to taste Salt and pepper

Steps to make a Greek salad with red quinoa


  1.      Drain the onion well. In a bowl or bowl mix all the ingredients of the salad and season with the vinaigrette just before serving.


  1. Mix together honey, lemon juice, and oregano. Incorporate olive oil. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Cauliflower, leek and quinoa salad

A complete meal, depending on the amount consumed. Quinoa provides the necessary protein.
1 serving

  •     1 small head of cauliflower steamed and chopped into small pieces
  •     olive oil and thyme (to sauté the cauliflower and leek)
  •     1 cup quinoa washed and cooked in water with a little salt
  •     1/2 cup finely chopped leek onion
  •     1 cup chopped green apple
  •     1/2 cup chopped mushrooms (optional)
  •     1/2 cup dried cranberries

For the vinaigrette

  •  to taste mustard, 
  • honey, 
  • balsamic vinegar, 
  • salt, 
  • and pepper

Steps to make a Cauliflower, leek and quinoa salad

  1.     Fry the leek in a drizzle of olive oil. When it becomes transparent, add the cauliflower cut into pieces, for a couple of minutes. Season with sea salt and thyme.
  2.     Place the cauliflower and leek mixture in a bowl. Add the blueberries, the apple, the mushrooms previously browned in a little butter and parsley, and the quinoa. Stir until unified.
  3.     Prepare the vinaigrette by mixing the honey and the mustard with a stream of balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper to taste. To serve.

Quinoa salad

4 servings

  •     1 cup organic quinoa
  •     Cucumber
  •     Cherry tomatoes
  •     Mushrooms
  •     Broccoli
  •     Chives

Steps to make a quinoa salad

  1.     Toast 1 cup of quinoa in a saucepan, then add 2 cups of water and cook for approximately 15 minutes.
  2. Boil the broccoli and then chop it into pieces. Cut and sauté the mushrooms.
  3. Chop the cucumber, chives and cherry tomatoes.
  4. Mix everything in a source. Dress to taste.

Quinoa salad


  • 1 cup cooked quinoa
  • 1 can tuna
  • 1 tomato
  •  4 lettuce leaves
  •  1/2 cup cooked corn
  •  1 boiled egg
  • 1 lemon
  •  To taste olive oil, 
  • salt, 
  • and oregano

Steps to make a quinoa salad

  1.     Mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl, add the dressing and voila, a healthy dinner.

10 Quinoa Salad Recipes

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10 Quinoa Salad Recipes

1: Tuna salad with noodles and red quinoa

2 servings
  •      1 can tuna chunks
  •      1/4 kg noodles
  •      Broccoli, carrot, peas, carrot (cooked)
  •      Avocado, cucumber, lettuce
  •      Hard-boiled egg and black olive (garnish), olive oil and salt
  •      Lemon juice, vinaigrette sauce or mayonnaise
  •      Parboiled Red Quinoa

Steps to prepare Tuna salad with noodles and red quinoa

  1.      Parboil the vegetables, carrots, broccoli, peas, and parboil noodles of your choice.
  2. In another pot, cook the red or black quinoa (they are appropriate for salads).
  3. Mix everything with the rest of the ingredients, chopped cucumber, tuna, avocado, lettuce in pieces, and season with salt, mayonnaise or vinaigrette sauce, and olive oil.

2: Colored Quinoa Salad

5 servings
  •     200 grams cooked colored quinoa
  •     100 grams lentils baby cooked
  •     250 grams meat or chicken parboiled and frayed
  •     1 grated carrot
  •     1 tomato, peeled and chopped
  •     1 pickle, sliced
  •     c / n Lettuce
  •     Salt and lemon to taste
    Quinoa Salad Recipes

Steps to make a colored quinoa salad

  1.     We mix the quinoa, we wash it and we bring it to boil until it is cooked, the same we do with the lentils.
  2. Chop the other ingredients and put it in a bowl and then mix, wash the lettuce and chop.
  3. We serve to put a layer of lettuce and the mixture of the salad, parboiled and frayed meat, we prepare with salt and lemon. Ready to eat, accompany it with hard-boiled egg, it is optional.

3: Quinoa salad

1 serving
  •     1 heart of palm
  •     5 cherry tomatoes
  •     1 cup quinoa
  •     1/2 cucumber
  •     1 little onion
  •     1/2 avocado
  •     To taste salt, pepper
  •     To taste Olive oil
  •     1 lemon
  •     1 clove garlic
  •     1 little parsley

Steps to make a quinoa salad

  1.     Cut everything and put the onion to soak in hot water, the cucumber with salt so that the water comes out of it, and prepare the quinoa with boiling water, change the water twice (let cool).
  2. In a bowl place everything, the minced garlic with the parsley and the other vegetables, do not put a lot of salt since the cucumber is salty, pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, and voila, stir, and eat.

4: Quinoa salad with vegetables

  •     2 carrots, diced
  •     150 gr spinach
  •     100 gr Quinoa parboiled
  •     80 gr olives or raisins
  •     1 lemon
  •     Salt to taste

Steps to make a quinoa salad with vegetables

  1.     Boil the quinoa until it is well cooked.
  2.     Wash the spinach.
  3.     Add cooked carrots, then the olives, repress lemon immediately, and salt to taste.

5: Fresh Salad with Lettuce, Quinoa, and Ham !!

 Now we have to enjoy something refreshing such as lettuce, and quinoa with high nutritional value, we all know that we must include in our diet many vegetables, fresh and healthy recipe.
  •     1 bunch lettuce
  •     mizuna leaves
  •     120 gr ham
  •     10pc cherry tomato
  •     15pc green olive
  •     To taste quinoa mix
  •     Optional yogurt mayonnaise

Steps to make Fresh Salad with Lettuce, Quinoa, and Ham !!

  1.     We prepare the ingredients  I already have the lettuce and mizuna washed and drained.
  2. In a bowl or plate, we arrange the lettuce and mizuna, we continue with the ham rolling it up, we continue adding the cherry tomatoes, the olives and the quinoa mix, season it with yogurt mayonnaise ready to enjoy the dressing is to your liking

6: Fresh salad with a touch of quinoa mix:

As we know, quinoa contains a high nutritional value and nothing better than enjoying it with vegetables, they form a set of nutrients, it is a bittersweet salad, easy to prepare and best for this Christmas season. Don't have salad ideas? Here is this one, it is the best for your table, it is tasty and beautiful at the same time.


4 serving
  •     1 cauliflower (girl)
  •     2 cucumbers
  •     1 cabbage (red)
  •     1 carrot
  •     1 apple
  •     To taste dried fruits
  •     To taste quinoa mix
  •     To taste ** dressing **
  •     To taste coconut oil
  •     To taste honey
  •     To taste orange juice
  •     To taste pepper (black)
  •     Salt to taste

Steps to make  Fresh salad with a touch of quinoa mix:

  1.     We wash the vegetables in plenty of water, then cut as they want and the size they want, grate the red cabbage so that its texture is finer and we do the same with the carrot.
  2. Now we have to cut the square apple, the same to cut the very small nuts. I found the quinoa (quinoa) mix in the ideal market to add to my salad, of course, it was delicious, what better than the quinoa brought from Peru to Japan. They make a mixture of the vegetables dressing to their liking.

7: Quinoa salad with mango:

Rich and fresh salad, ideal for Christmas dinner in our summer weather
  •     1 mango kent
  •     1 beetle
  •     2 carrots
  •     1-2 avocados (second size and tastes)
  •     A few sprigs of mint
  •     1 grenade (optional)
  •     1 cup pearl quinoa
  •     To taste Salt

Steps to make a quinoa salad with mango

  1.     Soak quinoa and boil it (it is recommended to break the first boil with cold water, rinse and then put it back on the fire to granite).
  2. Wash vegetables and grated beets and carrots.
  3. Cut mango and avocados into squares.
  4. Mix everything and serve with sprigs of mint and pomegranate granites.

8: Tricolor quinoa salad

A proposal for lunch or dinner and this time, it is again a union of flavors
And then, a description of the benefits used
InQuinua🏔, known for being a unique food that has all the essential amino acids, trace elements, and vitamins necessary.
✅Valeriana, a notable plant used in salads. It contains vitamins A, B, C among others. Also recognized for its purifying property.☝️
EreCherries🍒, apart from also containing vitamins A and C. They contain antioxidants that help relieve inflammation.
3 servings
  •     Quinoa
  •     1 clove Garlic
  •     Avocado
  •     Burrata
  •     Cherries
  •     Valerian
  •     Olive oil
  •     Salt

Steps to make a  Tricolor quinoa salad

  1.     Soak the quinoa in cold water for at least two hours. Then cook it in water and salt (after dressing with garlic and oil). Strain it and let it cool.
  2.     Then, prepare the salad with valerian as a contour, quinoa as "bed" and to complement it, sliced ​​avocado, as well as burrata. Garnish with cherries. Splash of oil and ... good appetite!

9: Quinoa salad with chicken:

Cultivated in the Andes Mountains🏔, quinoa😍😃😋, is the only food of plant origin that has all the essential amino acids, trace elements, and vitamins.
3 servings
  •     Quinoa
  •     1 clove garlic
  •     Salt
  •     Chicken breast
  •     2 anchovy fillets
  •     Olives
  •     Olive oil
  •     Finely chopped basil
  •     Avocado
  •     Tomato

Steps to make a quinoa salad with chicken

  1.     Soak quinoa for at least 3 hours. Rinse it well and strain it. Next, in a frying pan, toast it with oil and add the finely chopped garlic. They will both roast for about 5 minutes. Subsequently, add water and let cook. In the end, add the salt.
  2.     Simultaneously, cut the anchovy fillets, the avocado into slices and the tomato in cubes. Clean and finely chop the basil.
  3.     In a frying pan, roast the chicken with a splash of oil, then cut it into slices.
  4.     When the quinoa is ready, strain it if necessary and then serve with the above. garnish with the chopped basil.

10:Mexican quinoa salad

  •     240 g quinoa
  •     50 g canned red beans
  •     50 g canned corn
  •     1 avocado
  •     1 red onion
  •     1/2 bunch fresh parsley
  •     3 c. tablespoon olive oil
  •     1/2 lemon juice
  •     salt pepper

Steps to make a Mexican quinoa salad:

  1.     Rinse the quinoa and place it in a pot. Add twice the volume of water and bring to medium heat. Bring to a boil, then simmer and cook for 10 to 15 minutes. Then turn off the heat, cover, and let it swell for 10 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, strain red beans and canned corn. Peel, chop, and cut the avocado cubes. Peel and chop the red onion. Clean and chop the parsley leaves. In a salad bowl, mix the olive oil and the lemon juice, salt, and pepper to taste.
  3. When the quinoa is ready, move it with a fork and add it to the salad bowl with the lemon juice vinaigrette. Add the beans and drained corn, the chopped red onion, and the chopped parsley. Stir well and season to taste. Enjoy your meal.